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Expected availability

The calendar shows the expected availability of IR (Injection Rate) and WR (Withdrawal Rate) on daily basis for the current and next month. For today and all days back in time, beside the historical expected availabilities, you can also review the actual availabilities as they were calculated based on the customers' nominations.

The availabilities are shown as percentage of the corresponding maximum technical capacity.


Use EXPECTED AVAILABILITY to view expected restrictions due to maintenance or interruptions.

The information is especially useful during the periods, when the restriction curves are activated due to high or low storage filling level.


  • MOUSEOVER the calendar to show the expected availability
  • Use the arrows to flip back or forward in time
  • Use the buttons to switch between diagram/table view or to download data    


Please note that the values listed in tables and diagrams are for informational purposes only and are not suited for settlement purposes. Though Gas Storage Denmark considers the numbers to be true, we cannot guarantee the accuracy.